Вышла новая версия конфигуратора TTD Patch

В прошлом - самое известное дополнение для Transport Tycoon, последняя стабильная версия которого вышла в октябре 2006 г. Многие возможности патча легли в основу OpenTTD.
Обсуждение возможностей, решение проблем.

Модератор: Группа модераторов

Вышла новая версия конфигуратора TTD Patch

Сообщение Insane » Вс авг 20, 2006 19:37

То, о чем так долго твердили буржуины, свершилось.
Появился TTDXC 2.8.
Ура!Лежит, как всегда, здесь.
Changes log:
Version 2.8.0 - August 20, 2006

All TTDPatch switches not provided by TTDXC are dinamically created from the XML file at the alpha/beta tab (sorted alphabetically)

All stable switches types and ranges are retrieved from the XML file, when available

Alpha/beta switches won't be available for versions older than TTDPatch 2.0.1 alpha 40

Special switches are now configured with popup text box (also applies to swicthes curves and mountains)

Default values are now retrieved from the XML file properly for all types of switches (requires XML file)

Default state and value for any switch can now be loaded using the the right-click popup menu (requires XML file)

Alpha/beta switch values are checked for invalid ranges/types, and corrected automatically (applies to all bit and range switches except 'moresteam', requires XML file)

Version detection is now performed without delays

Version number and switches description is now retrieved from the XML file, when available (file swtchlst.txt no longer created)

Version detection and XML removal won't be performed in case Live Update fails

The detection of older TTDPatch versions (prior to 2.0) is now informed with proper version number

Old TTDPatch versions detection will run the program visible and minimized, and ESC key wil be sent to quit it in case it hangs due to unrecognized switches

Switches aiboost and loadallgraphics are disabled and not saved in the CFG when using an XML-compatible TTDPatch version

Alpha/beta switches are now always enabled (when available)

Alpha/beta switches not present in the main [ttdxconfig] section will be looked up at the [additionalc] section when opening the CFG file

After downloading a new TTDPatch alpha/beta version, its new switches will be shown in bold at the alpha/beta switches tab

Switches from alpha/beta tab cannot be activated/deactivated while Live Update is in progress

New version switches are not added to the Additional Commands section anymore (they are created at alpha/beta tab automatically)

Replaced the GRF controls with toolbar and added option to add GRF files manually

Optimized the GRF info retrieval speed

Rebuilt the addition of new GRF files from drag&drop or direct download, now accepts dragging of multiple GRF files to the list

Overwrite of existing files is now asked before proceeding with new GRF file addition

Download of new GRF files now can disable or delete superseded GRF files

The file newgrf(w).cfg is renamed accordingly to the 'newgrfcfg' switch status when saving settings, and it's name is retrieved from the switch on file load as well

Corrected wrong parsing of version code for nightly revisions at the GRF Updater versions list

The new graphics for the GRF Updater are now stored on registry instead of temporary file

Corrected issues with the new TTDPatch version notifications

Added ability to download and install latest TTDPatch nightly versions

TTDPatch alpha/beta version change log now formatted and displayed as HTML page (same for nightly releases)

The Version Restore dialog now shows brief version description, and allows to restore nightly TTDPatch versions (added at the bottom of the list)

Rebuilt the news ticker items retrieval

Removed the title bar caption animation

Removed the restriction that avoided program execution from network location

Corrected all issues regarding files already being opened

Modified captions for switches signal1waittime, signal2waittime and largertownsons

Fixed labels on bitswitches window not showing some languages properly

Added link to complete partial translations at the Settings dialog (only visible for incomplete translations)

Added option to force english retrieval of TTDPatch switches description (requires program restart to take effect)

The proper warning will be shown in case CFG file cannot be saved for any reason

Program is now distributed with full installer (components installer no longer required)
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Сообщение knell » Пн апр 16, 2007 17:48

выложите плиз кто-нибудь здесь архивчик с этой ценной прогой. официальный сайт закрыт в данный момент :(
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Сообщение knell » Пн апр 16, 2007 18:21

о, блин, нашел таки, ура-ура
если кому-то нужно будет 2.8.5 версию, или про версию 1.2.5 и компоненты к нему, то могу выложить :)
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Сообщение Oleg » Пн апр 16, 2007 19:50

Не надо выкладывать, можно обойтись ссылкой.
С уважением,
Администратор сайта Transport Tycoon навсегда!
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Сообщение Titanik » Вт апр 17, 2007 17:46

А зубры все делают ручками, ручками...
GTA2 Forever! http://sage.narod.ru/gta2
А давайте чего-нить сделаем.Тока я не умею :oops: проект "Русские Локомотивы"
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